Welcome to American Car Center, LLC and American Financial, Inc.’s WebPay portal.

If you have any problems with our instructions below, contact our Corporate Payment Center at 866-348-4450.

  You will need:

  1. 1) your SIX or SEVEN DIGIT American Financial Account number
    2. - For example, six digit account numbers should be entered 222221, not 22222-1
    3. - For example, seven digit account numbers should be entered 2222221, not 222222-1
      1. • If you are making a regular deferred down payment, you will need to enter “dd” instead of the “1”, i.e., you will enter:  222222dd
      2. • If you are making a tax deferred down payment, you will need to enter “ddt” instead of the “1”, i.e., you will enter:  222222ddt
  2. 2) the five digit zip code from the address on your account; and
  3. 3) your card information.  

    If you do not know your SIX OR SEVEN DIGIT Account number, you may call our Payment Center at 901.370.4477 and obtain it during regular business hours.  You may also refer to the last receipt you received from our Payment Center – your Account number is listed on the receipt.

    By using the WebPay portal, you authorize us to process the card transaction that you enter and submit herein.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TRANSACTIONS WILL NOT POST UNTIL THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT, SO PLEASE ENSURE TIMELY PAYMENT BEFORE YOUR DUE DATE.  You further authorize us to charge you an additional $4.95 convenience fee for using this service (To avoid the convenience fee, sign up for recurring card payments or ACH at our Payment Center).  You agree and understand that, pursuant to your contract with us, if you have allowed your property/collision insurance to lapse on the vehicle, you will be charged the additional Damage Waiver amount disclosed in your contract documents.  Finally, if your payment is late, you will be subject to the late fees disclosed in your contract documents.

    By clicking the below link and entering a card payment transaction, you acknowledge, assent to, and agree with the above-referenced terms and conditions.  Thank you for using our WebPay portal.

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