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Maintenance Tips for Your Tires

How to Take Care of Your Car Tires 

It may be unfortunate, but the simple truth is that your vehicle requires upkeep. Routine maintenance is unavoidable, but there are some maintenance tips for your tires that you can keep in mind to help ensure your need for tire service or replacement is limited. Check out our video below to learn helpful tips that will have you spending less time in the service lane and more time enjoying your vehicle. And of course, if you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact us at American Car Center, or view other videos on our YouTube page. 

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person changing air filter in car

Simple Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home

Can You Change Your Car Cabin and Air Filters At Home? 

American Car Center isn’t your typical dealership. We actually want you to save money and own a car that is financially suitable for your needs. That includes the service and maintenance that may be necessary for the vehicle as well. Some dealerships may do everything they can to get you into their service department for any type of regular maintenance need. At American Car Center, however, we believe that if you’re comfortable performing maintenance yourself, then you should do it. Replacing the cabin and air filters in your vehicle is one job that is particularly simple for even the most novice at-home “mechanics.” Here’s a video to show you how! 

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No, Henry Ford Did Not Create the First Car In the United States

What Was the First Company to Make Cars In the United States? 

While the automobile didn’t gain widespread popularity and usage until around the 1920s, you may be surprised to find that the history of cars goes back quite a bit further than that. In fact, the official history of the car goes back roughly four decades earlier. Now, today, we’re familiar with a wide variety of auto brands, from overseas brands like Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to domestic brands like Chevrolet and Ford. But, which of these brands first entered the auto industry here in the United States? 

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Our Dedication to Safety in Response to the Delta Variant - ACC Blog

Our Dedication to Safety in Response to the Delta Variant

The safety and comfort of our clients and employees are the top priorities of American Car Center.

With the challenge of the more contagious delta variant upon us, all American Car Center locations are continuing to follow local and state health department measures and employ enhanced hand-washing and high-touch surface cleaning protocols, as well as increased spacing and ventilation where appropriate. American Car Center is closely monitoring safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  

We strongly urge everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, so that we may better protect each other, especially young children who cannot yet be vaccinated, and return faster and better. The vaccines are safe and effective.

In this moment, American Car Center is here to safely meet your driving needs so that you can go to work, provide for your family, or take your kids to school or practice.     

All across the Southeast, American Car Center is conveniently located where you live or work. We match great vehicles with great people like you, whatever your credit history. We make the dealership experience easy and fast to help you save you even more time and money. All of our stores have a huge inventory of terrific low-mileage, nearly-new vehicles that include a fantastic powertrain warranty, with oil changes included. Feel welcome and secure that you can visit right now!

American Car Center is dedicated to a safe dealership environment for our clients and employees in response to the delta variant. Your health and well-being are our priority. 

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Back to School Car Safety Tips

Back to School Car Safety Tips

At the end of summer, we should pay closer attention to our surroundings and adjust our driving accordingly for the return of school children, school buses, and parent traffic, especially around school zones.

American Car Center wants to help keep our children safe this school year. Here are some key tips for drivers, parents, and kids for improved safety.

Safety tips for drivers

  1. Slow down and watch out for kids and be prepared to stop – especially in or near school and residential areas, intersections, and crosswalks.
  2. Look for clues such as “Slow Down, Children At Play” signs, school zone signs, safety patrollers, bicycles, and playgrounds.
  3. Expect the unexpected – such as kids darting out from between parked cars.
  4. Always check for pedestrians when you are backing up and be aware that kids could be present on any side of the vehicle.
  5. Let kids out on the side of the car closest to the sidewalk when dropping them off at school.
  6. Follow the rules of the road – yield to pedestrians and do not make U-turns, roll through stop signs, or stop in no-stopping zones.
  7. Do not pass school buses when their red lights are flashing as children are loading and unloading. Use extra caution in adverse weather conditions.

Safety tips for parents and kids

  1. Teach your kids to find a safe place to cross the road, such as patrolled or marked crosswalks.
  2. Teach them to look all directions and make eye contact with drivers before they cross the street.
  3. Make it a rule for kids to stay off their cell phones or electronic devices while crossing the street.
  4. Plan a safe route – walk on the sidewalk and consider having your child walk with a friend or parent or join a walking school bus.
  5. Teach your kids to look out for parked cars as cars may pull out or start moving when they do not expect it.
  6. Make sure your kids wear bright or reflective clothing so they can be seen in the dark or in poor weather. If they ride a bike, make sure they always wear a helmet and clothing with reflective strips. Equip their bike with lights, reflectors, and a bell.

Taking a few simple steps will better protect school children as they return to the classroom. American Car Center extends best wishes to all kids and their parents for a happy and successful school year. 

American Car Center wants to save you time and money on your next lease. Visit one of our modern and conveniently located stores now for a massive selection of reliable late model and low mileage vehicles. Each vehicle comes with a great limited warranty with oil changes included.  

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