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It Pays to Shop with American Car Center

Existing American Car Center Customers, have you heard the great news? 

You can get $100 when you refer a new customer to us.

It’s as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Send a new customer our way. 
  2. They complete a referral form with your information. 
  3. When they get a car, you will get paid!

They get a car, and you get $100. That’s more money in your pocket just for sharing your great experience at American Car Center.  It’s a happy win-win for everyone.  

Keep them coming! Because you can make $100 for every new customer, the more people you refer, the more you can earn.  

American Car Center is conveniently situated across the Southeast with a huge inventory of fantastic nearly-new, low-mileage vehicles at every one of our 67 locations. All vehicles come with an impressive, limited powertrain warranty and oil changes for up to three years. At American Car Center, no credit is no problem, we want to match great people with great vehicles quickly and easily to save our customers time and money.

Do you have a referral ready? Send them our way! It pays to shop with American Car Center. 

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Must be existing American Car Center customer to refer. Must refer a new customer that is approved for and takes delivery of a vehicle. $100 referral checks will be sent to the store that the referral customer takes delivery from and must be picked up by referrer. See dealer for details.  

Our Dedication to Safety in Response to the Delta Variant - ACC Blog

Our Dedication to Safety in Response to the Delta Variant

The safety and comfort of our clients and employees are the top priorities of American Car Center.

With the challenge of the more contagious delta variant upon us, all American Car Center locations are continuing to follow local and state health department measures and employ enhanced hand-washing and high-touch surface cleaning protocols, as well as increased spacing and ventilation where appropriate. American Car Center is closely monitoring safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  

We strongly urge everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, so that we may better protect each other, especially young children who cannot yet be vaccinated, and return faster and better. The vaccines are safe and effective.

In this moment, American Car Center is here to safely meet your driving needs so that you can go to work, provide for your family, or take your kids to school or practice.     

All across the Southeast, American Car Center is conveniently located where you live or work. We match great vehicles with great people like you, whatever your credit history. We make the dealership experience easy and fast to help you save you even more time and money. All of our stores have a huge inventory of terrific low-mileage, nearly-new vehicles that include a fantastic powertrain warranty, with oil changes included. Feel welcome and secure that you can visit right now!

American Car Center is dedicated to a safe dealership environment for our clients and employees in response to the delta variant. Your health and well-being are our priority. 

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Back to School Car Safety Tips

Back to School Car Safety Tips

At the end of summer, we should pay closer attention to our surroundings and adjust our driving accordingly for the return of school children, school buses, and parent traffic, especially around school zones.

American Car Center wants to help keep our children safe this school year. Here are some key tips for drivers, parents, and kids for improved safety.

Safety tips for drivers

  1. Slow down and watch out for kids and be prepared to stop – especially in or near school and residential areas, intersections, and crosswalks.
  2. Look for clues such as “Slow Down, Children At Play” signs, school zone signs, safety patrollers, bicycles, and playgrounds.
  3. Expect the unexpected – such as kids darting out from between parked cars.
  4. Always check for pedestrians when you are backing up and be aware that kids could be present on any side of the vehicle.
  5. Let kids out on the side of the car closest to the sidewalk when dropping them off at school.
  6. Follow the rules of the road – yield to pedestrians and do not make U-turns, roll through stop signs, or stop in no-stopping zones.
  7. Do not pass school buses when their red lights are flashing as children are loading and unloading. Use extra caution in adverse weather conditions.

Safety tips for parents and kids

  1. Teach your kids to find a safe place to cross the road, such as patrolled or marked crosswalks.
  2. Teach them to look all directions and make eye contact with drivers before they cross the street.
  3. Make it a rule for kids to stay off their cell phones or electronic devices while crossing the street.
  4. Plan a safe route – walk on the sidewalk and consider having your child walk with a friend or parent or join a walking school bus.
  5. Teach your kids to look out for parked cars as cars may pull out or start moving when they do not expect it.
  6. Make sure your kids wear bright or reflective clothing so they can be seen in the dark or in poor weather. If they ride a bike, make sure they always wear a helmet and clothing with reflective strips. Equip their bike with lights, reflectors, and a bell.

Taking a few simple steps will better protect school children as they return to the classroom. American Car Center extends best wishes to all kids and their parents for a happy and successful school year. 

American Car Center wants to save you time and money on your next lease. Visit one of our modern and conveniently located stores now for a massive selection of reliable late model and low mileage vehicles. Each vehicle comes with a great limited warranty with oil changes included.  

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ACC is in the Southeast

Great Summertime Destinations of the Southeast

The Southeast boasts many amazing locations and attractions surprisingly close to home for a sensational summer getaway! Let’s discover a few.

The Gulf Coast – Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Panama City Beach, Florida, are beach towns popular with families for their natural white sand beaches, casual charm, water sports, camping, and more. The region is anchored at each end, respectively, by the vibrancy of Tampa Bay and the cultural richness of New Orleans.

Washington, D.C. – For history buffs and families, the District of Columbia is a traditional and everlasting summer destination. The nation’s capital has dozens of free things to do, including 17 Smithsonian museums, the National Mall, daytime fun at the Capital Riverfront’s Yards Park, and evening strolls of monuments and memorials, and many more outdoor activities. Diverse neighborhoods, markets, restaurants, and entertainment are yours to explore.

Music Highway, Tennessee – The I-40 corridor runs between Nashville and Memphis, two cities pivotal to the development of American popular music. Nashville, nicknamed the Music City, is home to Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Bluebird Café. In Memphis, you can witness the monumental size and slowness of the Mississippi River, visit the National Civil Rights Museum, and walk along the historic quarter-mile Beale Street, billed Home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock and Roll. Both Nashville and Memphis are famous for Southern cuisine and BBQ.

The Ozark Mountains – Branson, Missouri, is a popular entertainment destination celebrating country music and Ozark culture. Bentonville, Arkansas, draws visitors from across the country to the Crystal Bridges Museum of National Art. Clean air, sparkling lakes and rivers, national forests, and historic sites appeal to lovers of the outdoors.

Orlando, Florida – This Florida hub is America’s top leisure travel destination year after year for good reason. It is the world’s amusement park capital, home to the largest and best-known theme parks on the planet. Disney parks include the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, and Typhon Lagoon. Movie-themed Universal Orlando has three parks, including its newest, Volcano Bay water park. SeaWorld offers its own kind of water thrills: up-close animal experiences, plus rollercoasters!

Atlanta, Georgia – The capital of Georgia is filled with immense cultural and historical significance, great food, and fun. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site chronicles his life and the civil rights movement. Six Flags over Georgia, the Georgia Aquarium, and Stone Mountain provide whole-family entertainment and outdoor fun. For foodies, a visit to the Krog Street Market is a must-do. 

The Southeast is filled with incredible yet affordable destinations perfect for endless summertime excitement. American Car Center hopes your summer escape is interesting, fun, and relaxing.

Before you go, visit a convenient American Car Center location for a huge inventory of great late model and low-mileage vehicles, each with a fantastic limited warranty, oil changes included. Rely on us to help you find a terrific vehicle simply and quickly so that you can make the most out of your summertime travel adventure.

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The Super Easy Essentials of Preventative Maintenance

Do you know simple preventative maintenance can increase your vehicle’s reliability and make the dollars in your wallet last longer? Occasional TLC goes a long way! The reason behind this is simple: when a car is running smoothly and performing as it should, the engine and other critical components are less fatigued, which means you can focus on the road instead of that worrisome dashboard light. American Car Center is here to share the basics of essential car care to enhance your ride and improve your family’s safety.

Read the owner’s manual. No, really. It is jammed with information explaining your vehicle’s features and functions, including the important maintenance that needs to be regularly done. This ranges from how and when to change your motor oil, belt inspections, changing filters, and more. The manual will also outline all safety measures to take as you go through your car tune up checklist.

The 2-minute inspection. A walkaround can reveal issues with headlights, taillights, and turn signals (have them on during the inspection), and shows underinflated tires, and body and undercarriage rust. Under the hood, do a quick car battery check, looking for any frayed cables, cracks in the casing, corrosion, dirt, and other signs of damage. It’s also important to check your fluid levels, such as motor oil and windshield wiper fluid. Should you see a leak, get it checked out right away to lessen any further damage and costly repairs. While under the hood, check that the hoses and belts are snug and free of cracks and excessive wear.

Check and change motor oil regularly. This is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your ride runs smoothly. Take the dipstick out of the holder and clean it with a cloth or paper towel. Reinsert it into the holder and remove it again to see if the level is between the two notches on the dipstick. If the level is below the bottom notch, more oil is needed. Refer to the manual for how often you should change your oil and what type is best suited for your vehicle. If the oil is really dark or muddy, have it changed. All vehicles leased from American Car Center have oil changes included for up to 3 years!

Check engine coolant, antifreeze, and steering fluid. These all come with dipsticks or gauges, making it easy to check fluid levels at a glance. Even if you have a mechanic refill them, knowing your levels can prevent unnecessary damage.

Check – rotate – change..Proper tire inflation will improve your ride and fuel economy. Using an inexpensive tire pressure gauge, it is easy to measure your tire pressure and adjust it according to the levels specified inside the driver’s door. Tires should also be rotated about every 6,000 miles according to a set pattern for tire type. By rotating regularly, the pace of wear is not increased in any given section of the tread, and traction (and safety) is increased. The lifespan of a tire has two parts: usage/mileage and time since manufacture. A typical all-season tire has a warranty of 60,000 miles, but even if the tires are only lightly used, the rubber compounds deteriorate to unsafe levels after about seven years.

Replace filters. Automobiles have filters to enable flows and catch impurities. The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into your car by keeping out dust, pollen, and more. The air filter prevents debris from reaching the engine and ensures a quality mixture of air and fuel to sustain performance. New filters keep your vehicle more efficient by preserving its systems and improving fuel economy. Replacing the filters about every 12,000 miles is easy.

Replace spark plugs. These small components help maintain engine efficiency, but gunk build-up eventually decreases their capability. Your owner’s manual will tell you how often spark plugs will need to be replaced and where they are located under the hood. They may need to be replaced sooner if your vehicle struggles to accelerate, has trouble starting, worsening fuel economy, or makes popping misfire sounds.

Replacing windshield wipers. Wipers can take a real beating. Once water starts to streak the windshield after every swipe, it may be time to swap them out for new ones. Wipers are made of two parts – the metal arm and the blade – so you may only need to replace the blade and not the arm. Lengths and sizes vary but wiper manufacturers and auto part retailers make it easy to find the proper model for your vehicle, often with online selector tools on their websites.

Regular preventative maintenance is such an easy and inexpensive way to get the most out of your vehicle to sustain its performance, reliability, safety, and value.

If your vehicle requires increasingly constant maintenance, come visit American Car Center now to find a terrific late model and low mileage used car, or SUV with a great limited warranty. All of our nearly 70 conveniently located stores have a fantastic selection of vehicles – and one just right for you!

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Blog - Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

Improving Your Fuel Efficiency

Driving style affects how far a car can go on a tank of gas. To get the most out of every gallon, American Car Center has some simple driving suggestions.

Be smooth

Swap sprints to the next red light, quick starts, and sudden stops for steady acceleration, light braking, and consistent cruising. Leave plenty of room between your car and others to reduce the number of speed changes and stops you make. Your brakes will thank you, too.

Take it easy

At very high or very low speeds, vehicles use more fuel. Going easy on the gas, driving at moderate speeds, and staying within speed limits, especially on highways, are great ways to improve fuel economy.

Idle no more

Running a parked vehicle uses a lot of gas. When waiting more than a couple of minutes Turn off your engine and only re-start when you are ready to go.


Combining trips and knowing your route will reduce back-tracking and gas use. If possible, do not drive in weather such as heavy rain or strong wind or in muddy, icy, hot, or cold conditions. These conditions increase gas consumption by reducing traction and engine efficiency.

Roll ‘em up

At higher speed, keeping windows up will add miles to your tank by improving vehicle aerodynamics.

Be sweet to your car

Decrease the weight and wind drag of your car by removing unneeded items from your vehicle. Keep your tires inflated at the proper pressure. Regularly service your car according to its maintenance schedule.

American Car Center helps you save your money at the pumps and by providing a lease on a great late model, low-mileage vehicle. All our vehicles include a limited powertrain warranty and oil changes. Visit one of our convenient locations near you to find out more.

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ACC Opens in Ft Myers

American Car Center Opens in Fort Myers, Florida!

American Car Center has arrived in the great Gulf city of Fort Myers, Florida!

For more than twenty years, across the Southeast and throughout the Sunshine State, American Car Center has established itself as a fast growing and innovative dealership network by serving and earning the trust of hard working Americans, making it easier to drive a top-notch late model and low mileage vehicle despite past credit history.  

American Car Center has nearly 70 convenient stores, each with an enormous selection of fantastic cars, SUVs, and trucks. To make it even easier for you, American Car Center is thrilled to serve the wonderful people of Fort Myers from our brand new and modern location at 2562 Colonial Boulevard.

Visit right away to let us find your perfect ride simply and quickly. Each vehicle lease includes a limited powertrain warranty of up to 3 years or 36,000 miles, and oil changes, too!

Fort Myers is the gateway to southwest Florida on the sunny Gulf coast, a major tourist hub – think beaches, shopping, and fishing – and a regional commercial center. With an eye to the future, Fort Myers is celebrated for its historic and colorful past with four designated historic districts: Edison Park, Dean Park, Downtown, and Seminole Park, plus almost 20 designated historic sites. American Car Center is excited to call this terrific city home.

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Change Your Cabin and Air Filters with Ease

Automobiles have filters to enable flows and catch impurities. The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into your car by keeping out dust, pollen, and more. The air filter prevents debris from reaching the engine and ensures a quality mixture of air and fuel to sustain performance. New filters keep your vehicle more efficient by preserving its systems and improving fuel economy. 

Replacing the filters about every 12,000 miles is so easy.  

The cabin filter change is simple do in minutes. If behind the glove box (check your owner’s manual), remove the stopping arm of the glove box by sliding off the pin then squeeze its front and back sides together so that it can drop down to reveal the cabin filter area. Lift the latches on the faceplate to pull out the filter. Clean the filter chamber and check the seals and gaskets for cracks. Slide in the new filter with the arrows pointing in the same direction as on the old. Last, reverse the steps taken to remove the glove box to reattach. 

Changing the air filter requires only a few tools – flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, pliers – and a few minutes. Under the hood, find the air filter housing connected to a large air intake hose. Remove the cover by releasing the screws or clamps with the appropriate tool. Lift out the filter, clean inside the housing, and inspect the seal and hose for cracks. Insert the new filter same as the old filter was removed and re-fasten the cover with the screws or clamps. 

And you’re done!  

American Car Center has the perfect vehicle for your summer driving dreams. With over 60 stores across the Southeast – each with a huge inventory of amazing low-mileage late model vehicles with up to a 3-year/36,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and included oil changes! – American Car Center is conveniently located where you live or work.

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DISCLAIMER: Maintain your vehicle according to manufacturer’s specifications. American Car Center is not responsible for any damages or injuries sustained while following the steps in this guide.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil Changes - American Car Center Blog

While it can be tempting to delay changing your vehicle’s engine oil, in the long run, making sure that the engine has everything it needs to run properly will save you time and money. American Car Center recommends regular oil changes regularly to ensure that the internal parts of the engine are kept cool and well-lubricated.

Without regular oil changes, a vehicle’s engine will experience greater wear and damage as its moving parts grind against one another. Sludge, dirt, and moisture can build up, sometimes causing expensive repairs. Oil change time is also a great occasion to give your ride a little TLC. For example, you might replace worn windshield wiper blades, check hoses, and belts for wear or top-up fluids. 

Different cars require different types of motor oil. Your owner’s manual will recommend the type of oil you should use and how frequently it should be changed. Changing the engine oil of your vehicle regularly will improve its performance and reliability and your own enjoyment behind the wheel.  

Luckily, American Car Center has got you covered. Oil changes are included with all our vehicles for up to three years! 

An easy oil change that you can happily circle on your calendar is one way that American Car Center makes driving better. 

American Car Center has a massive selection of great late-model, low-mileage cars, and SUVs. Let us find the perfect vehicle for you no matter your credit history. In addition to oil changes, vehicles from American Car Center also include up to a 3-year or 36,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. In just over twenty years, American Car Center has expanded across the Southeast to more than 67 convenient locations dedicated to matching hard-working Americans like you with excellent vehicles. 

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Tax Time Savings at American Car Center

$1 Today to Drive It Away means that you do not have to wait for your tax refund to get into a great vehicle right now at American Car Center! 

It is so simple – throughout February, visit one of our nearby stores with your tax return and you could be eligible for a $1 down payment on a new ride from American Car Center’s massive selection of great late model and low-mileage vehicles. It is really that easy. 

Throughout the Southeast, American Car Center has over 65 locations where we pair outstanding vehicles with fantastic people whatever their credit history. All our cars and SUVs come with a limited powertrain warranty of up to 3 years or 36,000 miles, with oil changes included!

Visit American Car Center right now to save time and money – just bring your tax return and you could qualify to put only $1 down on a fantastic vehicle.  

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DISCLAIMER: This advertisement is for a LEASE. A sample lease as described in this advertisement for a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu is $1 due at lease signing, with $2,000 cap cost reduction deferred until 3/1/21, and $483 per month for 49 months. This excludes taxes, sales tax and title fees. A security deposit is required. All lease payments, terms, and credit qualifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Not all lessees will qualify. Additional lease terms and options may be available. Offer only available for a limited time. Call 1-877-720-4477 for details about costs and terms or to obtain a copy of this disclosure.