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What Income Do You Need to Buy a Car?

Can I Still Buy a Car If I Don’t Have a Job? 

For so many Americans, cars are a necessity of life. They can influence your ability to shop, see family or even get a job. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a chicken and egg scenario where they need a car to get the job they want but need the job to buy a car.  

The reality is, not having a job while trying to buy a car can definitely complicate things for you. When working with many dealerships or financial institutions, you’ll find it can be difficult to get the financing you need if you do not have a job. 

Buy Here Pay Here Options If You Don’t Have a Job 

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Thankfully, you aren’t out of luck completely. Here at American Car Center, we are focused on getting people the vehicle they need with affordable financing, regardless of their situation. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and often, life can be unkind even to the kindest of people. 

So, if you don’t have a job, we still want to talk to you anyway to see how we can help. At American Car Center, we consider most forms of income in our financing process, and we have the freedom to do that because you are working strictly with us rather than multiple institutions outside the dealership. Things like Social Security, Disability and VA Benefits may all be qualifying forms of income to help you make that vehicle purchase. 

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So, whatever your situation, we want to hear from you here at American Car Center. Get in touch and we can work out the details from there. We look forward to meeting you.