windshield wipers on a car window

How often should I replace my vehicle’s windshield wipers?

Three signs that mean it is time to replace your car’s windshield wipers 

How often should you replace your vehicle’s windshield wipers? The general advice is to replace your windshield wipers every year or twice a year, depending on how quickly they wear out. That advice isn’t as specific as we’d like, which is why we’re going to go over three signs that mean it is time to replace your car’s windshield wipers. Keep reading below to find out what they are with us, American Car Center. We offer multiple locations across the southeastern states. 

a Ford vehicle's front seats and windshield

Sign one: Your windshield wipers are leaving streaks of water or dirt on your windshield 

The most obvious sign that you need new wipers is that they are visibly not doing their job. If you’re seeing streaks of dirt or water remaining after your wipers are used, then you should get them replaced. Visibility is important, and this is a relatively inexpensive car part to replace that does a lot for your experience. 

Sign two: Your windshield wipers make a squealing sound when in use 

Your windshield wipers should glide silently or nearly silently across the windshield. They are quiet because they glide over the surface of the glass, not getting caught on anything. A squealing sound means that they are dragging across the glass, likely indicating that the rubber on them has been warped and is not applied evenly. Rubber can warp due to sunlight and heat, so this is common in warm weather. 

Sign three: Your windshield wipers appear to skip across the windshield of your car 

Sometimes, windshield wipers that are past their prime will skip across the surface of the glass. This can produce a slight noise and can also leave dirty spots on the windshield. If your wipers don’t appear to be gliding across the glass, it is time to get them replaced.