View of a car being filled with fuel

Refueling your car

How to fill up a car with fuel at a petrol station?

Learn how to fill up a car with fuel at a petrol station. American Car Center brings you the steps to be followed while filling up a car with fuel at a petrol station. Continue reading for more information.

Steps to Refuel your Car

Step 1: Identify your fuel cap and practice opening and closing it before going to the petrol station.

Step 2: Slowly drive into the petrol station and pull up next to the pump. Engage the hand brake, put your gear in neutral, and turn off the engine.

Step 3: Take off the fuel cap and carefully choose your fuel. Refueling your car with the wrong fuel can damage your engine to a great extent, and you might have to shell out a lot of money to undo the harm.

Step 4: Unhook the nozzle from the pump by grabbing the handle and lifting it upwards and outwards. Squeeze the handle once the nozzle is inserted inside the fuel cap.

Image of a fuel nozzle and pipe sticking out from inside the fuel cap

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Step 5: Once the handle is squeezed, fuel will start filling up your tank. Keep an eye on the screen and stop squeezing when the required quantity is achieved or when you hear a thunk sound that indicates that the tank has filled up.

Step 6: Slowly pull out the nozzle and jiggle it so that any excess fuel may fall into the tank.

Step 7: Replace the nozzle by letting the handle fall into the cradle.

Step 8: Put your fuel cap on and ensure that it is fixed well and closed tightly.

Step 9: Pay the amount and slowly drive away from the petrol station.

View of a fuel pump at a petrol station

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