Dual-zone automatic climate control

2021’s Must-Have Car Features in Florida

Top Features to Have When Buying a used car in Florida 

Purchasing a used car can help you save a serious amount of money. Pre-owned vehicles have proven their reliability factor and have stood the test of time. Today, at American Car Center, we are here to tell you some of the top features to have when buying a used car in Florida. Continue reading for more information.  

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control 

Automatic climate control lets the driver control and set a preferred temperature setting in the car. In this manner, the driver will not be required to adjust the air-conditioning or the heat as the in-vehicle sensors will alter the temperature according to the need. The dual-zone automatic climate control feature will respond to your set ideal temperature and maintain the same accordingly. This feature is quite a blessing as it replaces the old knob system.  

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You can now avoid paying tolls by following a toll-free route map. You can either use a built-in navigation system or purchase a mount for your phone, and you can use the map of your choice for navigating purposes.  

View of the navigation system in a car
View of tires stacked together

Good Condition Tires 

If there is tread or any other damage to your tires, it is best to replace them. Purchase high-temperature grade tires as they will be able to withstand the expansion and heat generated owing to the summer weather in Florida.  

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Other than the features mentioned above, some other must-have features would include a backup camera to aid during parking in tight spots, an infotainment system integrated or compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to minimize distractions caused by your phone while on the road, blind-spot assistance to avoid accidents, automatic emergency braking to avoid ramming into cars in traffic, and voice control that lets you attend calls or respond to texts without having to pick up your phone.  

Visit the American Car Center dealership in Florida and look at the vast array of used vehicles available in our inventory. You can also get approved for your next vehicle by filling out the formSchedule a test drive to find the right fit for you. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.