Close up view of some of the warning icons on the dashboard

Common Dashboard Warning Lights

What do the lights on the dashboard mean?

As a car owner, one should know what do the lights on the dashboard mean. At American Car Center, learn what do the lights on the dashboard mean. Continue reading for more information.

Meaning of the Lights on the Dashboard

The Oil Pressure Light indicates that the vehicle is low on fuel and needs refilling. This light emanates from the icon of an oil can. Make sure to visit your nearest fuel station as soon as you see this icon light up.

The Engine Temperature Line indicates the rising temperature of the engine, which means that the engine is overheated. This icon is a thermometer with small waves drawn under it.

Then there is the Battery Light which indicates that the battery needs to be taken to a service station and looked at for it may be damaged or not charging properly.

Image of the warning lights on a dashboard

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The Seatbelt Light is essential to the safety of the driver and the passengers. The icon is that of a person on a seat with the ends of the belt strapped on shut. Make sure you wear your seatbelt every time you enter the car.

Most cars include airbags as part of their safety regimes. If the Airbag Light icon lights up, it is an indication that the airbag mechanism in your vehicle is faulty or damaged.  Be sure that you have the airbag mechanism checked by a professional in order to ensure that you will be well protected in case of any unforeseen accidents.

Close up image of some common warning icons

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Lastly, there are the Brake Lights. This icon is a circle with an exclamation point inside it and spikes around it. Lighting up this icon would mean that your brake lights are bust and need to be replaced immediately.

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