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We're leasing experts. It's all we do—all we've done for over 20 years. We have over 40 locations across 9 states. We help over 20,000 people every year find their next vehicle. So let's explore why our leasing program is the smart move for you.

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Leasing With ACC Saves You Money

Save on taxes and fees.

We don't start with the full price of the car to determine your lease payments, so you'll pay less sales tax and fewer fees than if you purchased the car. Plus, there's no big sales tax check to write up front - it's included in your monthly payment.*

*Does not apply to residents of South Carolina, Georgia, and Oklahoma.

Make lower payments.

All the benefits of leasing lead to lower monthly payments every month for the full term of your lease.

Oil changes are included.

Oil changes can be expensive. We've partnered with Pep Boys and other local providers to give you two oil changes every year for three years at no additional charge to you. This will keep your car running more efficiently too.

We'll work with you.

If you're concerned about having enough for a down payment, let us work with you and understand your situation. We offer programs like Deferred Down Payment and Layaway to help. Have a vehicle to trade? We can apply your trade-in to your down payment.

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Leasing with ACC May Help Improve Your Credit Score

Paying on a lease with us could help your credit score.

We provide credit information to Equifax, so timely payments on your lease will have a positive impact on your credit score over time.

Better credit helps you in other ways.

Improving your credit score can mean more opportunity to get lower interest rates on new loans or even your credit cards. It can lower your costs on so many other things too.

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Leasing with ACC Saves You Valuable Time

An all-in-one solution.

Our financial process is consistent for everybody, with a great approval rating. We have everything you need to get you in your next car, including in-house approval and financing, a variety of cars to meet your needs, and flexible, easy ways to pay.

Quick turnaround.

We can get you into a car the same day you pick one—sometimes within hours.

No haggling.

No stress, no fuss, no wondering if you're getting the best deal. We work with you to give you the best value for your money. Period.

Convenient locations.

With dealerships all throughout the Southeast, one of our ACC stores is certain to have the perfect car or SUV for you.

Saving time is an easy yes, especially when it comes to something this important.
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Leasing with ACC Gives You a Dependable Vehicle

Hand-selected quality.

We choose our preowned vehicles carefully. Every car is sent to one of our six reconditioning centers where we perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle. After a complete reconditioning and detailing, cars are shipped directly to one of our dealerships. That means you get access to our quality vehicles only after they've been through our rigorous reconditioning and detailing process.

A solid warranty.

An industry-leading limited powertrain warranty is included with all our leases.

Simplified quality car care.

We work with a network of partners to provide quality materials and services to recondition our cars before you lease them. We also partner with a large network of services centers like Pep Boys to provide you with up to 3 years oil changes with your lease.

Leasing makes it easy for you to drive a vehicle you can depend on wherever you need to go.
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Leasing with ACC Meets Your Needs - Even When They Change

What works for you, works for us.

It's all about you and your needs. We'll listen to your story and work with you to match you with a vehicle that's right for you at a payment that works for your budget.

Switch things up.

When your lease ends, you can turn your car in and pick a new car that meets your new needs. Maybe you have a bigger family, your kids moved out and you want something smaller, you want something more fuel-efficient, more cargo room—you have flexibility!

Keep a good thing going.

Your lease is up, but you love the car and want to own it. Let's do it! Not only will you own your vehicle within 12 months, but you also won't pay a single penny in finance charges. That's right; there are no finance charges for the remaining balance. In fact, there's a good chance you'll own your car in the same amount of time (or sooner) than if you had purchased the car to begin with.

Everything starts with you and ends with you. You're in charge, no matter what your needs look like and even if they change!

Smart Leasing with American Car Center

Getting a vehicle when you have no credit or bad credit is hard. Most car dealerships won't see past that number. And if they do, you just can't pay what they're charging.

The process needs to be quick and easy. The car must be dependable and affordable. And you need a dealership to be honest and open with you—no surprises or hidden fees.

Leasing a car or SUV with American Car Center is all that and more. Get started today with American Car Center!