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Admin . May 1, 2022

Maintenance tips for your tires

It may be unfortunate, but the simple truth is that your vehicle requires upkeep. Routine maintenance is unavoidable, but there are some maintenance tips f...Read more

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Admin . May 1, 2022

Tips and tricks for keeping your tires in good shape

Tires are car parts that take the brunt of your driving. Brakes definitely take a lot of force, but only while you are stopping. Whenever your car is movin...Read more

Car Safety

Admin . March 8, 2022

What terms should I know before I buy a car?

Quick guide to learning new car lingo. Is this your first time buying a car? Sometimes, it can feel like there are a million car terms that you’ve never h...Read more

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Admin . May 19, 2022

Keep your car cool in hot weather: Inspect your hoses & belts

In summer, car and trucks are a lot like people – they are happiest when kept cool. A belt or hose failure can cause an overheated engine, the loss of powe...Read more


Admin . January 4, 2021

Fun places to stop on a road trip around Florida

Are you planning a road trip in Florida? There are tourist destinations all across Florida which make it a great place for a road trip. Below you can find ...Read more

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Admin . May 18, 2022

American Car Center’s guidelines for safe winter driving

With winter upon us, American Car Center is asking you to be our safety partner by doing your best to keep yourself safe on wintery roads this season. With...Read more

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Admin . May 18, 2022

Back to school car safety tips

At the end of summer, we should pay closer attention to our surroundings and adjust our driving accordingly for the return of school children, school buses...Read more


Admin . May 18, 2022

A guide to winterize your ride

Modern vehicles are more reliable and durable than ever but for added safety and peace-of-mind there are some easy ways from American Car Center to winteri...Read more

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