Fun places to stop on a road trip around Florida

Are you planning a road trip in Florida? There are tourist destinations all across Florida which make it a great place for a road trip. Below you can find some of the best road trip destinations in Florida along with a short description of each. American Car Center, your pre-owned dealership, also has many locations in the state of Florida.

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Popular tourist destinations in Florida

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Merrit Island, FL

If you like space, then the Kennedy Space Center is a natural addition to your road trip. You’ll learn about NASA missions, NASA heroes, and much more at the complex. Merrit Island is located close to the popular beach Cocoa Beach and an hour from Orlando.

Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, FL

Of course, you can’t go wrong with theme parks in Florida. Florida is home to Disney World and Universal Studios, both of which draw tourists from all over the world. Both theme parks are also themed after popular movies from their respective companies.

Historical tourist destinations in Florida

Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, FL If you or your travel buddy like history, then make sure to stop by Fort Myers, where you can tour the estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, which are located side by side. Fort Myers is also known for its historic district, Fort Myers beach, and its parks and reserves, so there is plenty to do for everyone.

Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum in Key West, FL

In a similar vein to the estates, you can visit a home owned by Ernest Hemingway in Key West, FL. Of course, Key West is also home to Mallory Square, the Audobon house and gallery, and many other popular attractions

Beaches and scuba diving attraction in Florida

Some people visit Floriday for its theme parks and tourist attractions, some visit for its historical appeal, and yet others visit for the nature alone. Surrounding on most sides by oceans, and home to the Everglades, Florida offers a wealth of nature preserves and places to get outdoors. Of course, beaches and scuba diving are some of the most popular options. Be sure to stop at one of the following:


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