American Car Center — Customer Reviews

“Miriam, I had the greatest experience ever at this dealer. I am truly satisfied.”
- Michael O.

“MIRIAM MONDRAGON... I am greatly satisfied with the deal i got today great job.”
- Lakira H.

“Miriam M. was very great she is the reason why i love american car center i never been anywhere and was treated this good i just love come in in to see her I am very very happy.”
- Ternell K.

“My experience with Don was extremely good. He worked with me until we found a deal that suited my needs. He went above and beyond to help me. They are extremely professional and nice. I will be referring more people to them!!”
- Chastity M.

“Oh my God I am so happy with the service at American Car Center. Thank you so much Ms. Lorann Robinson.”
- Austin W.

“Thank you so much Mr. John for making my first car buying experience a great one. You are very professional and a nice guy at the same time. Thank you for making me feel like a valued customer, I will never forget it!!!!”
- Starr R.

“Miriam was very great and help me get in a new car!! She is the best!!”
- Regina G.

“My overall experience with american car center was great, if u decide 2 visit them on elvis presley plz deal with Johnnie Smith great person...thank you.”
- Rosie D.

“Miriam Mondragon is very helpful and knowledgeable.”
- Lorrie G.

“Miriam was friendly and helpful.”
- Courtney W.

“Lorann did a WONDERFUL job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will recommend her to all my friends and family.”
- Corita A.

“I am very happy to have found a profound car saleswoman.... She needs to manage ASAP. excellent customer service.. always smiling.. made me feel well thank you.”
- David E.

“I had a wonderful experience I felt my needs were met here and there were people like Ms. Johnny and Mr. Bartlett who understood my every need. Thank you so much!”
- Tremeaker G.

“I had a wonderful experience here thanks to Mrs. Lorann Robinson. She was a blessing to us.”
- Tamika P.

“Our salesperson was Don and he was very helpful and the service was good. We are looking forward to bringing him more customers.”
- Latosha B

“Mrs. Robinson at the Winchester location was a super salesman. She went above measures to help with making my purchasing experience great!”
- A. Robinson

“My sales lady was good, she found a low mileage car and she worked with us as much as she could. Her name is Cindy Chafin and i want her to know she was great!”
- Troy G.

“Our experience with Miriam was great, she worked very hard to get us in the vehicle of our choice which was very pleasing to my husband.”
- Donyale W.

“Moe Mosby was an exceptional salesman. He was very professional. All staff was very polite. I would recommend anyone to American Car Center.”
- Tracy W.

“Great deal...Great car!! Lorann was wonderful throughout the entire process. She left no stone unturned to make sure I was totally satisfied!!!!!”
- K. Jackson

“Miriam Mondragon Friendly and Fast Service. Professional Attitude.”
- Tiffany S.

“Thanks to the entire staff at American Car Center.”
- Tara T.

“Miriam was very pleasant and helpful. Helped me do most of my deal over the phone and internet and was very knowledgeable.”
- Alaenor L.

“Miriam was a very good salesperson she really helped me to get my car.”
- Wanda J.

“Miriam was very helpful. I was impressed with her service.”
- Josalyn S.

“Miriam was very helpful today. She made us feel very welcome and never once did we feel like she could not help us. I am so happy and blessed that we met her and came to American Car Center.”
- Luis G.

“Ann Robinson was a wonderful sales person. She was helpful and HONEST! Offered to pick me up to come in and view vehicles...she made the experience awesome. Thank you Ms. Ann!!”
- Sharles K.

“Miriam Mondragon gave us a great service at american car center!”
- Roberto T.

“LorAnn Robinson was my sales person and I was very satisfied with my experience. She was attentive and patient. Plus, she wanted to make sure I had the best possible deal. And for that I will recommend a friend or family member.”
- Shawnee C.

“I walked in American Car Center not really knowing what to do when I walked through the door but a Salesman named Moe Mosby came to me and made me feel like I was one of the team. He was swift courteous and honest with me from the start. I recommend anybody to come and see Moe, I will definitely be back.”
- Kendell C.

“Nate Matthews, sales professional, went above and beyond during an outstanding sales process””
-Michael A.

“My experience with Miriam was great and she’s nice. I’m looking forward to bringing more customers to her.”
-Tiffany J.

“My experience with Miriam was great.”
-Yadira F.

“I love the deal I received today”
-Andrew G.

“Marvin was very great and helpful in providing me with all of the information that I needed to be a proud owner of my NEW 2009 Pontiac G6. He was very kind, courteous, and informative. I am very pleased with his service and I would NOT hesitate to refer other customers. THANKS MARVIN!!!!!”
-Robin J.

“Miriam Mondragon is a very nice and helpful representative. I am here in response to the good recommendations from my mom whom purchased a car from Mrs. Mondragon. I am looking forward to many purchases with Mrs. Mondragon.”
-Latisha W.

“My experience at American Car Center was absolutely wonderful!!! Cindy was a big help and getting me the help that I needed. I would definitely recommend her and ACC to friends and family members.”
-Amber B.

“Mr. Will Frazier was the best salesman ever!!!!!!!! He did an awesome job!!”
-Melody D.

“Johnny was a great car salesperson. My experience there was awesome. Thanks to the entire team on Elvis Presley Blvd.”
-Jacquise B.

“Miriam was a very great customer service representative.”
-Cassandra D.

"My experience at American Car Center was GREAT. My car salesman was Will Frazier and he help me all the way step by step and understood my car needs. If you need a car go to American Car Center and ask for Will and he will take excellent care of you!!!!"
-Teresa S.

"My experience at Amercian Car Center was great. As soon as I walked in Cindy Chafin made me feel so comfortable. I love my new car that Cindy Chafin and American Car Center got me to purchase. I will tell everyone who wants to purchase a car go to American Car Center and Cindy Chafin will point you in the right direction."
-Naomi L

"John was very professional, polite and he did all he could to assist me in getting the car I wanted he is good to have on your team. Thanks for everything!"
-Tina S.

"American Car Center at Winchester Location. Ms. Cindy Chafin was extremely helpful with my car buying experience. Always willing to answer any questions and was available even late to answer all my questions and concerns."
-Robert B.

"Nate at American Car Center was a very nice car salesman and I would send others to him cause the way he treated me."
-Margaret B.

"Johnnie was very helpful. Johnnie was patient and her professionalism showed. I would recommend American Car Center to my family and friends."
-Tenisha H.

"Cindy Chafin @ American Car Center was an excellent salesperson. She was very thorough with explaining all details. I received a car at a reasonable cost. Thanks Cindy!"
-Cheronda C.

"My experience with American Car Center was great. Cindy made the process crystal clear to understand while also providing fast and friendly customer service."
-John S.

“My experience at American Car Center was absolutely amazing. The car dealers were very helpful and everyone greeted me with a smile and made sure that I got the car I wanted at a reasonable cost. The overall experience will make me refer them to anyone looking to purchase a car used or new. I give American Car Center 1000 stars!!!!!!”
-A Google Reviewer

“My experience was very good. I was able to get help soon as I came to the dealership. They were able to find me the car I was looking for and color. The sales rep Cindy was very polite and helped me with the car I needed with low mileage. I give American Car Center Two Thumbs Up.”
-A Google Reviewer

“My experience with Miriam was excellent. She was very helpful and friendly and she answered all my questions in a timely manner. She also put my dad and sister in a car..... and we all love our New cars!!!!!!!!! She is awesome.”
-A Google Reviewer

“I had an excellent experience with American Car Center. Miriam was great! She followed up with me and made sure all of my questions were answered. Everyone was friendly and I got the car I wanted at a great price!”
-A Google Reviewer

“My experience was SUPERB! The customer service was outstanding. My Sales "lady" was outstanding and went to the extreme to get me what I needed. I give American Car Center 5-STARZ :) If I must say....ask for Miriam...she is the #1 saleslady @ 6400 Winchester, Mph. TN. ..TWO THUMBS UP!”
-A Google Reviewer

“I loved the awesome customer service I received as soon as I walked through the door. This is the second time purchasing a vehicle from this company and I can't wait to drive my new car home! If you are looking for a nice vehicle American Car Center is the place to go!”
-A Google Reviewer

“My visit with Miriam was very helpful. She did her very best to meet my needs. She was very nice. I would refer anyone to her to buy a car.”
-A Google Reviewer

“Larry is an awesome salesman. He made me feel right at home and put me in something I like. If you want a good car and a good deal holla at Larry.”
-A Google Reviewer

“Professional service...only took 30 minutes and I am in my new 2010 fusion…Johnnie Smith is so great.”
-A Google Reviewer

“I have to say I was skeptical of going there. But they treat and make u feel like you are at home. They work with you and take care of you in a timely and fashionable manner. I have to say they make their car notes fit your budget without trying to make you feel uncomfortable and putting you in a terrible driving and looking car.”
-A Google Reviewer

“My experience at American Car Center was great. Cindy made process crystal clear to understand while also providing fast and friendly customer service.”
-John S.

“Cindy Chafin@ American Car Center was an excellent salesperson. She was very thorough with explaining all details. I received a car at a reasonable cost. Thanks Cindy!”
-Cheronda C.

“Johnnie was very helpful. Johnnie was patient and her professionalism showed. I would recommend American Car Center to my family and friends.”
-Tenisha H.

“Great place to get a car whether its your first or your tenth. I had so many setbacks that weren’t on ACC’s part, but they still did everything to get me into a vehicle and at the end of the day, I was driving away!  My experience was awesome compared to what I expected, and my car is in the best shape. Two thumbs up.”
-Justine T.

I was so pleased with the way Ms. Johnnie took the time to follow up with me when I didn't make it Thursday and on Friday I didn't make it until 15 mins to six and she did all my paper work before she left. Ms. Johnnie is a great sales person.”
-Stephanie B.

“Thanks for your hard honest work on getting in my first new car! Ms. Lorann Robinson is a very helpful saleman! Thanks again.”
-Antonio S.

“My experience was very good. My saleslady Ms Johnnie was excellent. She was patient and answered all questions. I will most definitely refer others to the American Car Center and the saleslady. You are Great in my book!”
-Linda B.

“Cindy Chafin was my sales person. She worked with me I got a great deal. When I know of someone in need of a car I will refer Cindy Chafin at American Car Center---Winchester.”
-Cherryl H.

“Bill Duncan was great. He took great care of us and made the experience all about us. Bill was not pushing and let us make our mind at our own pace. We will be back so Bill Duncan can serve us again.”

“Miriam Mondragon was excellent sales lady!! She helped me out alot thanks 5 stars!!”
-Billie J.

-Billie J.

“John was real nice and friendly and very helpful and I will be referring my friends and family to him for all their car needs.”
-Tamika R.

“My experience was absolutely great. Mr. John was a sweetheart!”
-Ophelia F.

“The customer service at Amercan Car Center was great. I came here and Ms. Johnnie fixed me up with a nice reliable car whch is what i asked her for when i came through the door. 5 star service!”
-Arie P.

“Mrs. Johnnie Smith was an awesome Saleslady. I Am Going to recommend and give her plenty referrals.”
-Arthur H.

“Mrs. Johnnie was very nice and very professional. I had no problems with feeling uncomfortable purchasing a vehicle from her.”
-Lloyd F.

“The sales lady Johnnie was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I think she deserves a raise.”
-Cassandra B.

“When you are looking to buy a hassle free vehicle, go to American Care Center on Elvis Presley and look for Mrs. Johnnie. Mrs. Johnnie is an amazing woman that takes pride in her job. She returned my calls in a timely manner and had vast knowledge of the company’s inventory to help with any concerns I had. When I arrived at the location she greeted me with a smile and treated me like I was very important. She showed me several cars that met with my desires but she didn’t pressure me towards a particular vehicle. I would recommend this location and my wonderful saleswoman to all my friends, family, church family and coworkers. Keep up the good work and I am loving my new vehicle.”
-Toya D.

“Thanks to Miss Ann Robinson for helping me to get a car. Now its easy for me to pay bills and get to work on time. American Car Center has made my life easy.”
-Martez J.

“BILL DUNCAN did a good job on helping me find a car.i would give him an A plus and tell all my friends. THANKS BILL DUNCAN (thank you so much).”
-Bridget C.

“Nate Matthews, sales professional, went above and beyond during an outstanding sales process.”
-Michael A.

“Miriam provided very courteous and fast service, I will refer her to all my friends. I have already brought several people to her and I plan on bringing more.”
-Latoya J.

“My experience with Johnnie was excellent!!! Wonderful salesperson!!”
-Randle K.

“Drew and Lee went out of their way to make sure I got the car I wanted even with recent credit issues. American Car Center on Covington Pike is the way to go.”
-Sandra R.

“Ms. Cindy was such a wonderful person to run into on this cold day searching for a car. Excellent lady. Thanks for all your help.”
-Yolanda E.

“John is one of the best salesmen I have ever met. Thanks alot Mr. John for everything. You rock.”
-Latondra S.

“Ms. Johnnie was and is very professional. She was diligent and persistent without being overbearing. She deserves a pay raise.”
-Demetrius T.

“She was amazing!!! Give her a raise!!!! Miriam Mondragon.”
-Devin W.

“Johnnie Smith has been very pleasing to work with and she has the greatest attitude, always with a smile. More salepersons like her, sales will go to the roof.”
-Kenneth F.

“I was serviced by Bill Duncan and he helped me out alot and was very knowledgeable and he was very courteous with his service.”
-Stacey K.

“Johnnie was very helpful and helped me make a decision that fits what I was looking for. I will refer my friends to her.”
-Jeffery E.

“She was very nice & helpful. I would refer her to the company.”
-Joyce O.

“Ms. Johnnie has been very helpful. She is a sweet, nice, intelligent and kind lady. Very helpful as a sales person. I would recommend everybody I know to come and buy a car from her.”
-Shericka M.

“Cindy & John are great salespersons and wonderful people”
-Cedric H.

“My salesman is Bill Duncan.”
-Bernardina R.

“She is a very good salesperson and she takes good care of customers and has a wonderful smile and good personality and I love my new car.”
-Angela M.

“Ms. Johnnie was very helpful. The staff was very friendly. I will refer all my friends to American Car Center.”
-T. Lee

“Mr. John Miller worked really hard to get me into a car. He is an outstanding car salesman.”
-Sherlisha G.


“Great service. They were very helpful. I see why people come here.”
-JoAnn H.

“I love my salesperson Cindy Chafin she is wonderful, very professional, and good at what she does. American Car Center has been my car dealership for years.”
-Nishelle W.

“Don Robertson and Palmer were SUPER!”
-Ashley M.

“MIRIAM MONDRAGON!! I give her 5 stars... I was lost until we came here she was awesome thanks for your service and friendlyness…”
-Rosie F.

“I love the deal I got today on my new FORD FUSION.”
-LaQuita G.

“Bill Duncan is a great salesman with great personality, sense of humor, fair person. We received great customer service with a friendly atmosphere. American Car Center hired an exceptional salesman. THANK YOU Mr. Duncan I enjoyed meeting you.”
-Marilyn W.

“I definitely recommend American Car Center on Covington Pike! Drew and Lee worked with me until I got the car I wanted.”
- Jacky S.

“Go and see the King of Credit today. Drew and Lee on Covingotn Pike know what they are doing.”

“American Car Center is the best! Thank you Drew for all your help!”
-Courtney M.

“I am very happy to have come to American Car Center! This is a place that definitely works at getting you in top quality used cars. My salesman John Miller was the best and a very nice guy! I see that he works at his best for his clients. I couldn't have asked for a better salesman. Thank you so much John Miller!!!
-James D.

“Johnnie is a good seller… love my car.....!”
-Cedric M.

“Miriam greastest salesperson that I have ever worked with. She is very in tune with her customer and I will recommend others to come and see her.”
-Linda W.

“Miriam…wow she is the best. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. She made me laugh and she tells wonderful jokes...she is such a blessing to your company.”
-Myquitan L.